Ninja’s Warframe Coaching and Mentorship

The Basic Package of £5 is to help/carry you through 3 missions ingame while explaining how they work and what is needed to complete them as well as what equipment (Warframes and Weapons) work well for them.

Please visit this link for full package details –

Please also consider messaging me before making an order to clear up what your goals are and how I can help you achieve those. We also want a clear idea of how the delivery of this service works, as it is determined by both the client and the seller spending time together.

These packages are coaching and mentorships, I will NOT need your Warframe account details other than to add you as a friend.

All packages will be done over Discord (Free VoIP service). You do not need a mic, just the ability to understand English, listen and respond over chat.

Warframe is the best Free-to-Play game I have ever played on PC and tops a lot of the paid games too.
I have been playing Warframe for over a year on PC, clocking over 1,800 hours. I have collected 98% of the weapons and equipment in the game. I have played this game at the top level and still go in and run the basic missions just to help out people or farm materials for weapons or warframes.
I am offering to help people learn this amazing game as well as gain a better understanding of how it works.
This game only has one “server” per platform, so the player base is only separated by the platform you play on. It is available on PC, PS4, Xbox1 and Nintendo Switch. I play on PC only, I can still teach you how the game works as its the same on all platforms, I just can not group with you.