I have been playing Starcraft 2 for 3 years and my highest ranking is Top 10 Diamond League. I am an avvid viewer of competitive Starcraft 2 which I believe gives me an edge on how to best act and react to situations in-game.

The first step should always be a review of your gameplay, this can be done through joining in a session you have recorded and we can watch it back together, the other option is for you to play and receive live coaching. 

I will improve your decision making, tactics, improving your APM, handling control groups and how to utilize them properly, as well as effective builds.

Starcraft 2 is a game of multi-tasking and effective methods of achieving this will be shared, as well as any other issues you’re facing.

I will be making notes, as the session progresses, on any problems and effective solutions that I will send to you for future reference. This holds true for whether you just buy the base service or the two extra’s also.

For £5 – Your quick and easy start-up guide! – Discord call and gaming session, including tips and game reviews to pinpoint basic improvements 

For £5 Extra – All-Round Coaching – An in-depth coaching session up to 2 hours that focusses on any aspects that need work.

For £10 Extra – Extensive Coaching –  Coaching over a two day period of two 2 hour-long sessions of all the knowledge I have to offer.

I guarantee an improvement in your gameplay and a deeper insight into the mechanics whilst also having fun in the process 🙂

If you want a custom session, please send me a custom order. We can agree on a fair price and pinpoint exactly what your requirements are.

Feel free to message me on Expgains for any questions you may have!