Private Overwatch Coaching sessions from a T3 head coach.

You can start with a single map review and upgrade up as we go, if you like the coaching. You can also send me a custom order for bespoke sessions or order multiple sessions at a discounted price.

For £10 you get a Single Game Review –  We’ll watch a VOD of one of your games together and discuss concepts that will help you improve.

For £15 – Coaching Session: Up to 1 hour – Private coaching session, VOD review and live coaching (whatever you’d like). 1 hour max.

For £25 – Coaching session: 2 hours – Private coaching session, VOD review and live coaching. 2 hour session. I will record if you want.

Depending on how busy my schedule is, delivery of the review or coaching session will vary. For the 2-hour coaching sessions, I will ensure delivery prior to 3 days of your order. While for the other orders I will try my best to be quicker than 5 days.