I am a Counter-strike player and eSports coach and my daily job consists of playing and coaching Counter-Strike Global Offensive. I have played CS:GO for more than 10.000 hours and in total, I have more than 10+ years of in-game experience. I have already played for multiple semi-pro teams such as Danish Viking Warriors and VultureX. 

If you order my coaching service, you will be provided with a top-level Counter-strike coach for you or your team. We will work on your basic skills such as aim, crosshair placement, movement as well as in-depth strategy on all competitive CS GO maps. I am willing to do one on one coaching, playing with you and your friend, or coaching your entire team.

For £5 I will play one CS GO match in the map of your choice. I will provide feedback on your game.

Competitive gaming is my passion and I am eager to share my knowledge on the subject. I hope to share my expertise with you! 

In-game name: JoenseN™
From: Denmark. Age: 27
Hours played: 10.000+ hours in total.
Role: Awp
Languages: English, Danish and Faróysk.

If you have any questions on regular coaching for your team or yourself as an individual, feel free to send me a message on Expgains. You can also send me custom orders if you want any specific training or hours.