I am seasoned Esports veteran and one of the top Fortnite players in the world, having won thousands of dollars in tournaments such as the Fortnite World Cup. I am also a former Overwatch coach and top 500 player in North America, and before that a CS:GO Global Elite.

If you’re looking to improve any and all aspects of your Fortnite gameplay, regardless of your level of play, you have come to the right place!

What a typical session will look like:

Depending on your skill level and the number of hours of coaching you’ve ordered, sessions may be structured very differently. In general a session will start with an assessment of your skill level and which areas you need to improve in, as well asĀ what you personally are looking to get out of our lessons.

  • For beginner players we will talk broadly about overall strategy and mindset for continuously improving, as well as practicing rudimentary building and shooting mechanics.
  • For more intermediate to advanced players we can discuss more niche decision making in game and in build fights, going over advanced building techniques and ways to train aim efficiently, optimizing keybinds, and more.

Make sure to send me a custom order if you would like more than one hour as I can offer you a discount if you order multiple hours. Please message me on Expgains if you have any queries.