I am a GM Tank Main in Overwatch. I aim to help you improve at the game in general and in more specialised areas if necessary.

This includes (depending on our order):

  • Improving game sense
  • Reviewing VOD’s (If provided)
  • Teaching strategies
  • Why you should perform certain plays
  • And more

It is possible for me to aid you in strategies on staying calm in comp i.e. helping you remain non-toxic in comp

I’m from the EU so coaching people from the NA and EU are easier than people in Asia.

For £5 – I will try to develop your game awareness and ability to play at a better level

For £30 extra – I will coach you for 5 (1 hour sessions) and try to help you climb

For £60 extra – 1 hour sessions are unlimited until you gain at least 500 SR (1 Rank)

If you have a specific requirement or want a particular number of hours/sessions, please give me a custom order. I will review your request and see what I can do with the price. Feel free to message me on Expgains.