I am a professional 15-year-old Fortnite player.

I like to share my tips that I use as a pro Fortnite player to help those who want to become better at the game. So hopefully you can play competitively and join tournaments! I decided to become a coach so it will be easier for me to help those wanting to improve.

I play on PC and have won many scrims and tournaments, however, I was once a pro Fortnite console player so I know how to help you if you are a console player.

I offer a Fortnite coaching service and I will always respond to anyone who needs help within 24 hours. I will start teaching you within 24 hours. I am kind and patient so if you’re really bad at the game, it won’t disturb me as I can imagine what it would be like.

Please message me on Expgains for any more information, after your order you can leave me when suits you best and your Epic account info so we can start the session.