hey fellas! myself Prithvi i am a vivid gamer and have a great experience with destiny. i have been year 1 player in destiny and right now in destiny 2 all my characters (hunter,titan,warlock) are  maxed Light.

What i can get you:

Crucible Pinnacle Weapon:

  1. Not forgotten
  2. Luna howl
  3. Recluse
  4. Revoker
  5. Mountain Top
  6. Redrix Broadsword


  1. Fabled
  2. Legend

All the Vanguard Pinnacle as well as Gambit Pinnacle Weapons!


  • Leviathan
  • Eaters of world
  • Spire of stars
  • Crown of sorrows
  • The last Wish
  • Scourge of the past 

The game has tons of Exotic Quest!
 Any Exotic Quest can be done as cheap as possible!

Do message before Buying the gig so that we can sort of pricing and the delivery Times 🙂