I’ve been playing for 5 years and I have lots of experience with over 30000 wins in standard and 8000 in arena. If you want to improve in Hearthstone or get past a certain rank, I’m your guy! 

For £5 I will help you get 12 wins in area or get past a rank in standard. You can purchase my £15 extra and I will look at your decks and improve them for you. I will also get you to rank 5. 

For £50 extra I will get you to Legend rank and get that sweet card back in no time!

If you have specific needs or want custom coaching (or more hours than 1) please send me a custom order. You can specify what you are looking and the price you are interested in paying. I will come back to you with an offer so that we can start coaching and get you on your way to being Legend rank!