You want to improve? Let me help you!

I’m offering coaching sessions with an individual guide on how to set up your gaming rig, your ingame settings as well as going through all the Apex Legends aspects and general fps tips to help you to improve your skill and gaming experience. Together we will analyze the different important aspects like positioning, aiming/tracking, map awareness, engaging fights, movement and of course all weapons, legends and their pros and cons.

The coaching lesson is being held individually to make sure that you get the best out of it.
Optional: If you wish the coaching session will be stored online on my twitch account.

My profile:
– 29 years old competitive Apex Legends player and streamer (TwitchTV-TiCron)
– team captain of the Apex squad at WeSports, a professional esports clan
– Top 5 Pathfinder world wide, stats can be seen at Apex Tracker
– experienced Apex Legends coach with over 50 satisfied clients

With best regards,