This brief guide will show you how to sell gaming services on our gaming marketplace.

Listing Gaming Services on expgains

  1. You can list gaming services by pressing the “Post a Service” button in the top right-hand corner.
Selling gaming services
Post gaming services

2. After clicking the button, you see the “Post a Service” page. Here you can provide relevant information to the Service you want to post. For the category, type in the gaming platform you are selling on and then click on it. Afterwards, scroll down to the game of your choice.

You should write a description about your Service, and why the buyer should choose you. If you do additional gaming Services linked to this base service, you can add them as extras.

Sell gaming services

3. You can add pictures by pressing the plus button. Also, if you are a Youtuber, Twitch user or want to demonstrate how your service works you can link a video there. Please visit our terms of service to see the material strictly prohibited. Adding tags is really useful because they help buyers differentiate the search results. Tags must be separated by a comma, for example, to use exp and PS4 as tags you would type “exp, PS4”.

The opening message is very important since this is the first message the buyer will see after they have purchased your Service. You both can save a lot of time if you provide a great opening message, explaining what information they need to provide and also if any verification such as 2 stage verification should be turned off.

Process an Order

5. When your Service is marked active, buyers will see the Service. If your Service sells, you will get a notification on expgains and you will get an email. The bell icon will have a red dot on it, meaning something has happened (regarding orders, messages etc). When you press the bell, you see the notifications tab. Here you can press on the order, which will lead you to the order page (or you can press on your profile in the top right-hand corner and click “My Services”).

6. On the order page, you will see confirmation of the order, and what the buyer bought. The buyer will most likely provide you relevant information on this page, however they may provide you a private message which you can access by clicking next to the bell on the chat icon.

Delivering Gaming Services

7. After you receive the relevant information received from the buyer you must press “Start”. If you intentionally delay clicking “Start” thus deliver late, you would be violating our Terms of Service. After pressing “Start”, the countdown begins for the order delivery. When you are ready to deliver and completed all that the buyer has paid for, you can press “Deliver”. If you know that you cannot deliver the order in time, you have to let the buyer know. If they grant you permission you can press “delay”, which will mark your order late, meaning if they did not grant you permission and you are late, they have the right to cancel their order with you.

8. Let’s say you are ready to deliver. You can press “Deliver”, which will lead to the following option. After you can write a message letting the buyer know what you have done, and that you have completed the Service. Furthermore, it is imperative that you relinquish any access to the buyer’s gaming account/s. It is recommended to attach a proof of completion via the attachment.

Delivery for gaming services

9. You can track the orders you have completed and have active, by clicking on your profile in the top right-hand corner and going under “My Orders”. Afterwards, you will see the following page. To see your active orders press “Tasks”, and to see the orders you have placed go to the “My orders” tab.

Gaming services, orders and tasks

Withdrawing Net Revenue

10. To withdraw your credits you must first wait until either the buyer accepts delivery of your order, or 5 days elapses since delivery so that your credits appear “Available”. If those two things have not yet happened, your credits will appear under “Working”, meaning that you cannot yet withdraw these funds yet.

11. To withdraw your funds when they are available and you have receached the £20 threshold, you can press “Withdrawal“. Here you can withdraw via the 2 options shown, you can change the information you supplied by clicking “Change your payment method”. For example, you could add the email address of your PayPal account.

Now press “Request here” to get a secure code sent to your email address. After completing your request, we will let you know if your request was approved. If it is approved, we will aim to send you the funds within 5 working days. It may take longer than this for you to receive the funds, depending on the method of withdrawal and specific circumstances.

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