This concise guide will show you how to buy on expgains. Expgains is a revolutionary gaming marketplace allowing you to buy gaming services from other gamers.

Searching On Our Gaming Marketplace

  1. To find gaming Services on expgains you can use the search bar, menu headings or the gaming platform icons. The gaming platform icons are found further down the page. For instance, I will show how to search for an Apex Legends XP Service on PC. First, type this in the search bar.
Expgains - Gaming Marketplace

2. Press “Search Now”. The next page will be the search results.

Expgains - Gaming Marketplace - Search

3. From the Services available you can select the one most appealing to you. There is some important information on the page. Such as the price in the top right-hand corner, the rating of the seller, number of reviews, sales and time of delivery. You can share the Service by using the social media buttons on the left of the title and add it to your bookmarks by clicking the star.

If you seek clarification or have any questions for the seller, you can do this by clicking “contact me” under their bio. If you click “view my profile” underneath you will see all their Services listed. To purchase extra Services in relation to the base Service, select the tick box from the extras listed; here we select “additional xyz“. Moreover, once complete press “Order Now”.

Expgains - Gaming Marketplace - Service


5. Now we can review our order to make sure it is correct. If you have any coupons you can add them here. When everything is correct, press “Checkout Now”.

Expgains - Gaming Marketplace - Purchasing

6. After that, we are taken to the payment options page. Here we can choose either PayPal or the credit we have on expgains. For instance, we use credit in this example, which means to use the balance on our expgains account. However, if you opt to use PayPal, it will transfer you to login on their website.

7. Consequently, the order is received, and the seller will be notified of your purchase. You will receive an email notification confirming your order. Most importantly, you can view your order details at any time, just click “My Invoices” under your profile in the top right-hand corner.

Expgains - Gaming Marketplace - Order Completion


8. Furthermore, after purchasing a Service click “Visit your Service order”, this will transfer you to the order page. If the seller provides an opening message, then you will be able to see it immediately. Now you can provide any relevant account details or information where it says “Type your message”. If applicable, you can use a random password generator to change your password for the game you bought the Service for and change sensitive security questions.

If the seller has any need for extra information, they will type a message either in the order page or in the messages hub. You can review your orders by clicking My Orders or My Invoices in the top right-hand corner.

9. When the seller has completed your order, they will mark it delivered and you will get an email to your account confirming delivery. Also, if you are logged into expgains you will get a notification where the bell icon is in the top right-hand corner of the page.

If you are happy with the delivery, you can game happily ever after. But if you have any problems, you can press the orange dispute button underneath the arrow used for sending your message in the order page. Please initially try to resolve any conflicts or issues with the Seller directly, however, if a conflict cannot be resolved we will decide the case between you both. The final outcome of the dispute will be uncontested. We will try to make your stay on our gaming marketplace as equitable as possible.

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