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Expgains is a revolutionary Pro Esports Coaching marketplace. We have Pro coaches selling hourly sessions for the best Esport games! You can book one-to-one sessions at an hourly price or send a custom order for multiple hours at a discounted price. You can always arrange the most convenient times for your sessions.

Why buy from expgains?
  • Safe

    Your payment goes to us first, meaning coaches only receive payment if you are satisfied, ensuring safe transactions. We also operate a dispute system, so that you are protected if an issue occurs.

  • Efficient pricing

    Pay much less for higher quality coaching. Obtain the cheapest prices in the market, while obtaining security. Be sure to pay efficient prices for the awesome skills you will acquire.

  • Communication

    Communicate effortlessly using our internal messaging system. This ensures smooth and secure transactions. Also, you can communicate with us via email or live chat.

How expgains works?
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  • Search

    Either by using the search bar or the categories, you can find pro coaching advertised for different games on your console.

  • Buy

    There are various coaches, providing unique coaching sessions and prices. We provide a ratings system, so that you can get the best coaching possible.

  • Play like the Pros

    Take your feedback from your gamer of choice and improve you game!